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The Barnwood Casket Company is the national distribution outlet for  

Colton Walker Signature Caskets . A unique brand of custom designed

handmade Memorial products built by a talented young Texas craftsman.  


As a teenager Colton began his trade building and selling barnwood funiture and accessories. He later had the good fortune of being involved with a new company that sold caskets that were made by Amish carpenters. This hands on involvement gave him a unique opportunity to observe not only the storied Amish  techniques and craftsmenship, but just as importantly, their commitment to quality. This is something first and foremost in Colton's own work.                               A commitment to excellence 

Using this valuable new experience and his considerable woodworking skills, Colton began designing, building, and selling his own Barnwood casket brand











 Colton Walker Signature Caskets have been purchased by hundreds of families throughout the south for more than seven years. People who were simply not satisfied with a traditional funeral product. Today there are more and more families  who are seeking something uniquely personal ... something beyond the ordinary ... as a way to honor the passing of a loved one.

     A distinctive memorial  that  conveys feelings of                                        warmth, caring and love.



Colton Walker Signature Caskets are handcrafted using solid wood throughout. Stained caskets are hand brushed and sealed. Interiors are lined with a tailored wheat denim fabric. Handles can be wood, rope or swingbar. Each casket is built by hand and comes in a variety of styles.


                   Colton Walker

                Signature Caskets






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